Ceramic Pro New York Aviation Packages


Wet Wash
Our wet washing technique insures that the entire exterior of the aircraft is completely clean and free of debris. The aircraft is dry and spot free when complete. Service recommended for aircraft that have been exposed to harsh or corrosive conditions, like saltwater areas.

Dry Wash
Our environmentally friendly waterless technique completely cleans the entire exterior of the aircraft, without water, while leaving a beautiful shine. Our most popular waterless wash technique due to most airport environmental restrictions.

Exterior Ceramic Pro Aviation 9H Treatment
Ceramic Pro 9H is a Permanent Nano-Ceramic Paint Coating that features a High Gloss finish, unmatched Super Hydrophobic Effect, Scratch Resistance, Chemical Resistance, UV Resistance, Thermal Resistance and Anti-Graffiti for your aircraft’s exterior painted surfaces.

Both the Super Hydrophobic and Anti-Graffiti effect combined mean the surface coated with 9H will stay cleaner for longer as dirt and grime will not stick to the surface and the super hydrophobic effect of the coating will cause water to bead up and roll of the surface with any dirt and grime, the hard ceramic film also offers superior protection from damaging contamination and harsh chemicals.

9H forms a permanent bond to the paint work and will not wash away or break down, 9H can only be removed by abrasion making it a highly durable protective coating to protect your paint work for damaging contaminants.

The unique formulation of 9H has enabled it to be multi-layered which means the thickness of the coating can be increased with additional layers allowing a thicker / harder film that will increase its scratch resistance.

Exterior Paint Rejuvenation (Machine Buff and Polish)
Machine polishing is recommended for paint that is oxidized or faded. This restores the paint prior to protection and helps to reduce parasitic drag. Once the aircraft is machined buffed we then hand polish the aircraft to bring the high gloss finish back to the paint. Even very old paint can usually be brought back to looking like new. A great service and alternative to having the aircraft painted.  Once completed all surfaces are treated with 2 coats of Ceramic Pro 9H Glass coating for years of protection.


LI Detailers, Inc. is the preferred Ceramic Pro Distributor & Certified Application Center for the New York Tri-State area. Ceramic Pro New York can be contacted anytime at 631.940.7749 or drop us a line here.  

Paint must be fully corrected before applying a protective coating (nano-ceramic) due to the fact that once the coating is on your car it becomes a new surface on top of your clear coat. Anything left on the paint will be locked in and require a complete polishing process to correct.

To get an accurate quote for your Ceramic Pro New York Ceramic Coating & Paint Correction, stop by our Long Island location located at: 258 Broad Hollow Road. Farmingdale, NY 11735