Ceramic Pro New York Motorcycle Packages

Ceramic Pro New York Motorcycle Packages

The most advanced motorcycle protection package ever designed starts right here at Ceramic Pro New York. After fully paint correcting your bike to eliminate swirls, fading and oxidation we use the unique characteristics of Ceramic Pro 9H to permanently protect Paint, Chrome, Metals, Plastics, Leather, and Glass. Designed for industrial applications, this product can take the heat of your bike as well as the sun, salt, brake dust and road contaminants to ensure your surfaces will shine for years to come. A normal detail cuts away the chrome and paint to make it shine but as detailers we can tell you that shine won’t keep coming back forever. Due to the molecular bonding of ceramic pro 9H coatings it is now possible, after we restore the shine, to make sure it stays that way!   This will ensure resale value protection and peace of mind.

Package Includes:

Lifetime Warranty

4 layers of Ceramic Pro 9H Glass Shield on all painted exterior surfaces

4 layers of Ceramic Pro Plastic

4 layers of Ceramic Pro 9H on All metal and chrome

4 layers of Leather on all leather surfaces

Ceramic Pro New York is the preferred Ceramic Pro Distributor & Certified Application Center for the New York Tri-State Area. Ceramic Pro New York can be contacted anytime at 631.940.7749 or drop us a line here.  

Paint must be fully corrected before applying a protective coating (nano-ceramic) due to the fact that once the coating is on your car it becomes a new surface on top of your clearcoat. Anything left on the paint will be locked in and require a complete polishing process to correct.

To get an accurate quote for your Ceramic Pro New York Ceramic Coating & Paint Correction, stop by our Long Island location located at: 258 Broad Hollow Road. Farmingdale, NY 11735