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 LI Detailers is the preferred source for all of your clear bra paint protection needs in Long Island, NY.  Please contact us today for a quote to protect your investment.

SunTek’s Premium Self-Healing Paint Protection Film delivers high-value surface protection to a vehicle’s paint and body and comes complete with a five-year warranty. Its combination of proprietary design features and long-term benefits make this a superior choice in the PPF market.

SunTek’s Self-Healing PPF is highly stretchable, which means easier installs with fewer relief cuts and less chances for edges to be damaged. It also allows for removal and re-installation by professionals with little to no loss of material or quality.

With a high-gloss finish, SunTek’s PPF can often improve the shine of a vehicle’s paint simply with its installation onto the vehicle body. In fact, while some PPF’s can yellow over time or add unsightly tints to an existing paint job, this product is nearly invisible and color-neutral. Its topcoat is also scratch resistant, and its unique self-healing properties can reset the surface, should it receive any scratches, through environmental heat (e.g. sunlight or engine temperature) or warm water.

Maintenance is yet another strength of SunTek’s film, for it resists discoloration when exposed to colored waxes and soaps. It even withstands paint thinner with no side effects!  Finally, in extreme weather conditions, this PPF will not yellow, bubble, or crack for the length of the warranty.

For an exciting piece of technology that also protects the resale value and incredible style of an automobile, SunTek’s Premium Self-Healing Paint Protection Film is a no-nonsense product that is easy to maintain, and gives vehicle enthusiasts the ability to enjoy their vehicle on virtually any road.

Why Use Clear Bra Paint Protection Film?

Paint protection film, or “clear bra” as it is sometimes known, is one of the best ways to preserve the showroom quality finish on your vehicle. The virtually invisible film will keep your vehicle looking newer longer- without changing the design features or color- by protecting vulnerable areas such as front bumpers, hoods, side mirrors, door handle cavities, door edges, rocker panels, and rear fender panels. Preserving the finish of your vehicle with paint protection film (PPF) keeps your vehicle looking newer longer, and can enhance the resale value of your vehicle in the future.  Once applied, all of our installations are protected with a next generationn Nano-Ceramic Coating (Ceramic Pro 9H) that extends the life and appearance of the film while protecting against environmental damage.

Where can I put Clear Bra Paint Protection Film on my vehicle?

Clear Bra Paint Protection Film can be professionally installed anywhere you want to protect your vehicle finish from scratches, chips, stains and other damaging elements. More than just a “clear bra”, the virtually invisible film will not alter the color or design elements of your vehicle. You can protect:

  • Rocker panels from sand and stones kicked up by tires
  • Hoods, bumpers and mirror backs from flying gravel, bug acids and tar
  • Door handle cavities and door edges from rings, keys, belt buckles and purses
  • Full hoods, trunks and roofs from bird droppings and tree sap

Basic Protection

Starting at $599

  • Bumper

  • Headlights / Foglights

Premium Protection

Starting at $899

  • Partial hood

  • Partial fenders

  • Bumper

  • Mirrors

  • Headlights / Foglights

Ultimate Protection

Starting at $1999

  • Full hood

  • Full fenders

  • Bumper

  • Mirrors

  • Headlights / Foglights

À la Carte Protection

Rocker panels I Door sills I Door Edges I Luggage area I Wheel arches I Roof I A-pillars

Why choose LI Detailers Clear Bra Paint Protection Services?

Your vehicle is one of the biggest purchases you will make. Protect it. Keeping your vehicle looking new with a quality paint protection film from a company you can trust is important. LI Detailers (Long Island Paint Protection Specialists) uses the best paint protection films on the market and is constantly looking for new innovations in the clear bra market.

  • Maintenance free
  • Stain and fade resistant
  • Excellent durability
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Can be removed safely
  • Won’t damage fully cured paint finishes
  • Great choice for leased vehicles