Standard Detail

Standard Detail

Since not everyone is in the market for an all out Paint Restoration or Protective Nano Coating, we’ve developed a new level of detailing services such as the  standard detail to cater to all of your needs that is perfect for the “Daily Driver” or “Garage Queen”!

The Standard detail includes all of the cleaning of the Maintenance detail with the extra step of polishing to restore that immaculate showroom shine you’ve been missing. With the single stage polish, your vehicles imperfections will be reduced up to 60% leaving you with enhanced gloss and depth that will last. The Standard detail is by far the most affordable paint correction package available at LI Detailers.

The transformation that Long Island Detailers will put your prized possession through will be nothing short of spectacular regardless of the service that you choose. I treat every single vehicle as if it was my own, and my desire to achieve perfection is applied during every session.

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Our Standard Detail Process Includes:

  • Presoak entire vehicle with our foam cannon delivering PH-balanced shampoo
  • Hand washed safely using swirl preventative techniques
  • Hand dried with premium microfiber drying towels
  • Clay bar paint decontamination
  • Single stage gloss enhancing polish
  • Premium wax/sealant applied by hand
  • All exterior plastics cleaned and dressed
  • Wheels, wells and tires degreased and dressed
  • All glass polished inside and out
  • Door jambs degreased and sealed
  • Interior meticulously vacuumed
  • Interior components dusted, cleaned, and treated with UV protectant

Prices starting at $300*

Approximately: 3-4 Hours
Recommended frequency: Quarterly

NOTE: Exceptionally dirty vehicles may be an additional charge and quoted at the time of inspection.