Winterization Detail



Preparing your vehicle, or investment, for the winters harsh chemicals and extreme weather conditions should be something on your “To Do” list and the Winterization Detail is the answer. Some of the harsh chemicals used to de-ice the roads here in Long Island, New York are mixtures of Salt and Sand that can virtually damage your vehicles visual appearance if it is not properly protected! By applying a premium sealant or protective coating, you are providing a protective barrier between your vehicle’s paint and the harsh winter elements.

The interior of your vehicle must also be protected before the winter as it can also take a beating from the harsh winter elements. This is the time of year when switching out your carpet mats with or purchasing heavy-duty all weather mats is a good idea as they take most of the beating and offer the best protection. You will also want to consider coating your interior with a stain resistant coating to prevent color transfer while making the cockpit completely hydrophobic.

Here at Long Island Detailers we understand the importance of having a clean and protected vehicle. Both for the vehicle and yourself, having the paint properly protected allows it to stand up to New Yorks long, harsh, and salty winters, while having a clean interior renews your desire and happiness for your vehicle. No one wants to be in a dirty car, especially a dirty car in the winter.

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Our Winterization Detail Process Includes:

  • Presoak entire vehicle with our foam cannon delivering PH-balanced shampoo
  • Hand washed safely using swirl preventative techniques
  • Hand dried with premium microfiber drying towels
  • Application of our acid-free car paint, wheels & glass decontamination cleaner that effectively dissolves the hidden iron and fallout that lies within a surface.
  • Clay bar paint & wheels decontamination
  • Premium and extremely durable sealant applied by hand to paint and wheels
  • All exterior plastics cleaned and dressed
  • Wheels, wells and tires degreased and dressed
  • All glass polished inside and out
  • Hydrophobic Coating Applied to the windshield
  • Door jambs degreased and sealed
  • Interior meticulously vacuumed
  • Interior components dusted, cleaned, and treated with UV protectant

Prices starting at $250*

Approximately: 2-3 Hours
Recommended frequency: Yearly

NOTE: Exceptionally dirty vehicles may be an additional charge and quoted at the time of inspection.