• Porsche Carrera GT

    Porsche Carrera GT

    Single Stage Paint Correction & Ceramic Pro 9H Protection

  • Lamborghini Superleggera

    Lamborghini Superleggera

    All Carbon Fiber Trim Resurfaced & CQuartz Finest Protected

  • Lamborghini Aventador

    Lamborghini Aventador

    CQuartz Leather Rejuvenation & Cockpit Cleaning

  • Ferrari 458 Italia

    Ferrari 458 Italia

    Paint Correction and CQuartz Finest Protection

  • Lamborghini Aventador

    Lamborghini Aventador

    Vinyl Wrap & Clear Bra Removal

  • Chevy Chevelle SS

    Chevy Chevelle SS

    Stage 3 Paint Restoration & CQuartz Finest Protection

  • Ferrari Scuderia & Maranello

    Ferrari Scuderia & Maranello

    Stage 2 Paint Correction & Ceramic Pro 9H Protection

  • Ceramic Pro 9H Long Island Detailers

    Ceramic Pro 9H Long Island Detailers


LI Detailers strives to provide your vehicle with the utmost care. Whether your vehicle is brand new, or your prized possession has some imperfections, LI Detailers has the services to cover your vehicles needs. LI Detailers is the Authorized Applicators For Ceramic Pro, CQuartz Finest & Armor Fusion Nano-Ceramic Glass Coatings! No More Wax!

Eco Friendly

Water is our most valuable commodity and we only use products that are non-toxic, biodegradable, and phosphate-free. These products are either vegetable or citrus based and play a critical role in our environmental protection plan.


LI Detailers technicians specialize in the complete care and protection of your prized assets. Our highly trained staff meticulously polish your vehicles finish and apply next generation Nano-Ceramic Paint Coatings to keep you finished beautiful & Protected! Li Detailers prides itself on providing a customer experience second to none. If you appreciate your vehicle (Car, boat, RV, or aircraft) and are looking for the gold standard in detailing, you have found the right place!

What makes LI Detailers unique?

LI Detailers is your final destination for the restoration, enhancement, and protection of your luxury vehicles surfaces. With over 30 years of experience servicing the luxury car market, LI Detailers is your sole source for superior detailing services in the Long Island & NY Tri-State Area.

We offer Luxury Detailing, Paint Correction, NanoTech Ceramic Paint Coatings (Ceramic Pro 9H, CQuartz Finest, Modesta, Opti-Coat Pro, and Armor Fusion), Clear Bra Paint Protection / Headlight Protection and Window Tinting services. We also provide custom vehicle wrapping services featuring the Highest Performance Vinyl Products on the market. Our highly trained technicians will exceed your expectations and create an unprecedented experience you and your vehicle will never forget!

Why Use LI Detailers? As with many things in life, we all see products and services from a cost perspective. It is generally assumed that all detailers/installers’ quality workmanship, experience, and customer service are universal; therefore, pricing would command a customer to choose the lowest price to receive the highest level of service. However, there are vital issues with that assumption. In the aftermarket industry the old adage holds true “you get what you pay for” and most importantly not all installers are equal! At LI Detailers, all services are performed in-house by trained professionals and NEVER OUTSOURCED! We take our profession very seriously and when your car is in our possession we treat it like our own. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to visit our shops!