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Ceramic Pro for the Home

We protect almost everything around the home. Listed below are just a few of the key aspects of the home we commonly protect with Ceramic Pro, however the list goes on; outdoor spaces, balustrades, roofs, glass doors and windows, carpet, wood flooring and more can all be enhanced and protected by our services.

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  • Easy-to-clean
  • Excellent Durability
  • Excellent Wear Resistance
  • Factory look & feel
  • Keeps Fibers Clean
  • Reduce Aging
  • Repels Spills & Stains
  • Safe for Human Health and Environment
  • Super Hydrophobic Effect

Ceramic Pro offers a wide range of tailored home packages for the kitchen, bathroom, upholstery, tiles and more!

Simply make an enquiry online and one of the Ceramic Pro Team will be in touch promptly to answer your questions and guide you through the process of bringing cutting-edge nanoceramic protection to your home.

kitchen & bathrooms

put away the harse chemical and clean with ease!

Over time bathrooms accumulate limescale, soap scum and bacteria which ultimately results in corrosion. Our coating provides a protective layer that repels everything, even water. When applied, it forms a clear glass shield that makes water bead up, preventing dirt and stains from bonding to the surface. This eliminates the need for harsh cleaning products typically used to break down soap and scum. Our protective coating can be applied to floor and wall tiles, plastic or glass shower screens, counters and basins. It can also be applied to kitchen surfaces including bench tops, tiles and backsplashes. Because our coating protects surfaces from water, mold and mildew won’t be able to grow, meaning your bathroom and kitchen will stay hygienically clean for longer.

stainless steel

say goodbye to fingerfrints

Stainless steel appliances are extremely sensitive to smudges, finger prints, grease stains and water marks. Because Ceramic Pro prevents grease and fat from sticking to the surface, the look and shine of your appliances will be will significantly enhanced.

outdoor fixtures

less time cleaning, more time relaxing!

Home owners want all aspects of their property to be visually pleasing. Without proper protection, exterior lights, furniture, balustrades, fences, gates and painted fixtures are prone to UV and moisture damage. When a property becomes worn and faded it no longer looks appealing and it starts to lose its value. Ceramic Pro’s protective coating can be applied to brand new fixtures and even faded surfaces.

While outdoor fixtures suffer a constant beating from cold, heat, ice, wind and rain, the biggest cause of damage is UV sunlight. But with Ceramic Pro you can rest assured you assets are protected from both UV rays and water damage. This means colours won’t fade, mould can’t grow and your assets will stay cleaner for longer.

fast fixes

You can give old fixtures a new lease of life by applying Ceramic Pro. If your existing fixtures function great but look worn and faded, we have the solution for you. With one application of our coating you can restore the look of your fixtures, while minimising maintenance and replacement costs. Colours will be enhanced immediately and surfaces will be protected from future damage. This will ensure your property looks good for years to come.


no more stain wipe away spills in second!

Indoor and outdoor furniture needs to be protected against liquids and spills, stains, dirt and general wear and tear. Ceramic Pro offers products specifically designed to protect your textile and leather goods. Our protective coating stops liquid and dirt from bonding and drying to the surface. Because your furniture will only need a simple wipe down, time spent on cleaning and maintenance is reduced. By applying our protective coating you will extend the life of your furniture and keep it looking brand new for many years to come.

glass windows

streak free window everytime!

Ceramic Pro prevents unwanted matter from sticking to glass surfaces. The protective coating makes water bead up, meaning dirt and scum is able to roll off the surface with a simple rinse and wipe down. This means your glass can be cleaned easier, reducing the need for strong chemicals.

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