Vehicle color change wraps are used to recreate the color of an entire vehicle, or they can be used selectively to add accent colors to single part of a vehicle. With hundreds of colors and finishes to choose from we can literally transform the look of your care. We carry only the best brands such as 3M, Avery Dennison, Arlon, and Oracal. If you want something different don’t make the mistake of painting your vehicle a custom color. This only decreases the value. Instead, elect to change things up with customized wraps that give you the freedom to be bold when customizing your car. And the best part is, now you can get a custom design and color without the long prep time and weeks without a vehicle. A color change wrap is easily removable, and actually protects your factory paint. Vinyl wraps can be used for hoods, roofs, trunk lids, mirror covers, or even an entire vehicle. So whether you look to advertise your business or simply be creative go ahead, change the color of your car as often as you’d like.

Benefits of Vinyl Wraps:

  • Vehicle wraps are not only easy to install, but easy to
    remove and/or replace. There’s no sticky mess upon
    removal, and you don’t have to do any extra cleaning.
    There’s no damage to your original paint job with a
  • Since vehicle wraps are made with heavy-duty vinyl,
    they’re able to withstand inclement weather
    conditions, direct UV sunlight, and minor scratches or
    abrasions. Wraps are made with high-quality
    materials and are intended to last.
  • Because vehicle wraps aren’t permanent, you have
    the ability to change your design as often as you
  • The options are almost limitless, with a selection of
    colors and finihses so large it might seem

Stop by today for a free quote. Long Island Detailers has the largest selection of vinyl colors and styles available on
the market. We offer Dozens of mattes, gloss, brushed metals, chromes, carbon fibers, and metallic colors, so stop by and take a
look at some samples of these materials. We are Ceramic Pro Authorized applicators and all our wraps come with
a protective Nanotech Ceramic Coating to protect the vinyl from environmental damage and make cleaning a breeze.